Level B1

Lesson 1

The Impersonal `One`
  Lesson 2

Used to & Would
Work and Career
Lesson 3

The Third Conditional Tense
A Job Interview
Lesson 4

Review of the Present Perfect Tense
Lesson 5

Review of Present Perfect Tense & Simple Past Tense
Lesson 6

Prepositions of Place and Position
Lesson 7

Like and As
At a Hotel
Lesson 8

Linking Words
The Weather and Geography
Lesson 9

Wishes & Simple Past - Regrets About Present
Buying and Selling
Lesson 10

Adjectives Ending with ed & ing
Family Life
Lesson 11

Would You Mind or Would You Like & the Gerund
Going Out to Eat
Lesson 12

Prepositions & Gerunds
Lesson 13

Gerunds and Infinitives
Lesson 14

Progressive From of to Be
Lesson 15

Adverbial Clauses
Sporting Events
Lesson 16

Present Perfect Progressive
Food & Cooking
Lesson 17

Present Perfect Simple & Present Perfect Progressive
Talk Shows
Lesson 18

Indirect Questions with Know & Wonder etc.
Hobbies & Interests
Lesson 19

Had better (with Plain Infinitive)
Lesson 20

Lesson 21

Be Allowed to and Be Supposed to
Movies & Entertainment
Lesson 22

Future Continuous
The Wedding
Lesson 23

Future Perfect
Newspapers & Radio
Lesson 24

Question Tags - Do You? Isn`t It? etc.
Writing an Email
Lesson 25

Reported Speech & Reporting Verbs
Business English
Lesson 26

Past Perfect Simple and Progressive
Lesson 27

Relative Clauses
Monuments and Wonders Around the World
Lesson 28

Modals: General Ability in the Past Could & Couldn`t
Travelling in America
Lesson 29

Neither, So Do I
Sales and Marketing
Lesson 30

The Double Genitive
A Letter of Complaint
Lesson 31

Abstract Nouns
Life in the Countryside
Lesson 32

Pronouns and Determiners: a friend of mine, on my own, by myself etc.
Asking & Giving Information
Asking for & Telling the Time
Lesson 33

Reflexive Pronouns
Meeting People, Making Friends
Lesson 34

Make and To Do
Making Telephone Calls
Lesson 35

Passive Tense 1: Is Done & Was Done
At the Airport
Lesson 36

Being and Been
Lesson 37

Use of Get Instead of Be in the Passive
Sports & at the Gym
Lesson 38

Adjectives & Adverbs
Natural Disasters
Lesson 39

Compound Nouns & Collective Nouns
War & Peace
Lesson 40

Doctor’s Office & At The Pharmacy
Lesson 41

To Get – Uses and Expressions
Formal and Informal English
Lesson 42

Inversions and Negative Adverbials
Industry and Agriculture
Lesson 43

Have to and Need to for Obligations
Lesson 44

Review of the Conditionals
Travel & Leisure
Lesson 45

Phrasal Verbs 1
Working Abroad
Lesson 46

Phrasal Verbs 2
Introducing Yourself, Talking about yourself
Lesson 47

When to use the Definite Article
Dating and Romance
Lesson 48

Say, Tell & Ask
Nature and the Environment
Lesson 49

Idioms and Phrases
Computers & the Internet
Lesson 50


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