Level A2

Lesson 1

A Review of Present Continuous Tense
Means of Transportation

  Lesson 2

Present Simple Tense & Present Continuous
Hotels and Types of Accomodation
Lesson 3

Revision of Countables & Uncountables
Clothes and Going Shopping
The Fashion Industry

Lesson 4

Life in Your Hometown
Lesson 5

Say, Tell or Ask
Asking for and Receiving Directions
Say,Tell & Ask

Lesson 6

Past Continuous Tense
Christmas and Other Holidays
Lesson 7

Past Continuous Tense & Simple Past Tense
Money and Currency

Lesson 8

Quantitative and Indefinite Pronouns
Talking about Your Personal Experiences
Lesson 9

Modals - Shall & Should
Making Telphone Calls

Lesson 10

Future Tense - Going To & Will
Taking a Cab
Lesson 11

Present Perfect Tense - Regular Verbs
Present Perfect Tense - Irregular Verbs

Lesson 12

Present Perfect Tense - For & Since
What`s Your Job?
Lesson 13

Present Perfect Tense - Just, Yet & Already

Lesson 14

Present Perfect Tense & Simple Past Tense
Health – Injuries & Accidents
Lesson 15

Present Continuous Tense & Time Words
Sports and Athletes

Lesson 16

The Use of When & the Present Simple Tense
to Describe the Future
At the Airport
Lesson 17

The Passive Tense
The Environment

Lesson 18

Modals - May, Can, Could & Would
Making an Appointment
Lesson 19

Used To
Making Friends

Lesson 20

Lesson 21

The Zero Conditional Tense
Writing an Email

Lesson 22

The First Conditional Tense
Lesson 23

The Second Conditional Tense
Renting an Apartment

Lesson 24

Time Expressions
At the Bank, Opening a Bank Account
Lesson 25

Relative Clauses With Who & That
Going Out for Dinner

Lesson 26

The Gerund As Subject and As Object
Hollywood & the Film Industry
Lesson 27

Subordinate Clauses
Sales & Marketing

Lesson 28

Adverbs of Degree
Television, Newspapers & Books
Lesson 29

Reported Speech, Statements

Lesson 30

Infinitives After Verbs and Adjectives
The Theatre
Lesson 31

Prepositions of Place, Time & Movement
In the Park

Lesson 32

To Get - Uses & Expressions
At the Gym
Lesson 33

Verbs & the Gerund
At the Market

Lesson 34

The Order of Adjectives
Songs and Musicians
Lesson 35

The Double Genitive
Driving a Car & at the Gas Station

Lesson 36

Abstract Nouns
Hobbies and Interests
Lesson 37

Adverbs of Manner
A Birthday Party

Lesson 38

Review of the Conditional Tense
Politics & Government
Lesson 39

Either & Neither, Both & None
At the Pharmacy

Lesson 40

Phrasal Verbs - Separable
How to Make Travel Arrangements
Lesson 41

Phrasal Verbs - Inseparable
In the Mountains

Lesson 42

Make and Do
The Beach and Seaside
Lesson 43

Reflexive Pronouns
Dating & Romance
Lesson 44

Idioms & Fixed Expressions
Natural Disasters
Lesson 45

Compound Nouns
Collective Nouns
Lesson 46

Compound Adjectives
Life in the City
Lesson 47

Noun Suffixes
The Suburbs
Lesson 48

Have to & Must
The Education System in America
Lesson 49

Need and Necessity
Electronics and Computers
Lesson 50


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