Level A1

Lesson 1

Definite & Indefinite Article
Alphabet, Numbers and Colors
Days of the Week, Months and

  Lesson 2

Singular & Plural Nouns
The Countryside
The Farm
Lesson 3

Verb “to Be” Present Simple Tense
Countries and Nationalities
Greeting People, Meeting People
Introducing Yourself and Asking Questions about Others
Lesson 4

Verb “to Be” Present Simple
Negative Tense The Park
The Zoo
Lesson 5

Verb “to Be” Present
Simple Interrogative
The Beach & Seaside

Lesson 6

Demonstrative Adjectives
There is & There are
Lesson 7

Subject & Object Pronouns
Asking and Saying What People Do

Lesson 8

Verb “to Have” Present
Positive Tense
Parts of the Body
Lesson 9

Verb “to Have” Present Negative Tense
Asking for and Giving Personal Details

Lesson 10

Verb “to Have” Present Interrogative Form
The Family
Lesson 11

Verb “to Have Got”
The House, Rooms and Furniture
Talking About People’s Homes

Lesson 12

Possessive Adjectives
Means of Transportation
Talking About How You Travel
Lesson 13

Verbs – Present Positive Tense
At the Gym
How to Stay Healthy

Lesson 14

Verbs – Present Negative Tense
At the Cinema & Theatre
Lesson 15

Verbs – Present Interrogative Form
Holidays & Travel

Lesson 16

The Possessive ‘S
At the Post Office
Lesson 17

Present Continuous Positive Tense
At the Travel Agency

Lesson 18

Present Continuous Negative Tense
Asking and Saying What People are Doing
Asking and Saying What People Usually Do
Lesson 19

Present Continuous Interrogative Form
The Classroom

Lesson 20

Lesson 21

Possessive Pronouns
At the Supermarket

Lesson 22

Verb “to Be” Past Simple Tense Positive
Asking For and Giving Directions
Lesson 23

Verb “to Be” Past Simple Tense Negative &
Interrogative Forms
Shopping at the Market

Lesson 24

Past Simple Tense – Regular Verbs
Asking For and Telling the Time
Lesson 25

Past Simple Tense – Irregular Verbs
Talking About Your Holidays
Writing a Postcard

Lesson 26

Past Simple Tense Negative & Interrogative
Food and Drink
Lesson 27

Adjectives to Describe Appearance
Describing People

Lesson 28

Prepositions of Place
At the Bookshop
At the Library
Lesson 29

Prepositions of Time
At the Airport

Lesson 30

Prepositions of Position and Movement
At a Hotel
Lesson 31

Revision of Present & Past Tense
Talking About Your Past Experiences

Lesson 32

Countable & Uncountable Words
Some & Any
At the Bank
Lesson 33

Much, Many, a Lot Of
At a Party, Being With Friends

Lesson 34

Question Words
Asking for Information
At the Tourist Information
Asking and Saying How Much Things Are
Lesson 35

Frequency Adverbs
Talking about Routine Activities

Lesson 36

Talking About How You Feel
Lesson 37

Future Tense – Will & Shall
Schedule of a Guided Bus Tour
Talking About Future Arrangements

Lesson 38

Future – Be Going To
The Weather
How to Rent a Car
Lesson 39

Revision of All Tenses - Present, Past, Future
The Wedding

Lesson 40

The School & University
Lesson 41

Talking about Movies

Lesson 42

Adverbs of Time
Health and Illness
At the Hospital
Lesson 43

Modals Can & Could
Talking About Likes and Dislikes
Lesson 44

Modals Must & Need
Giving Advice
Music, Sports and Hobbies
Lesson 45

Modals Would Like
Restaurant & Pub
Ordering a Meal
Lesson 46

Modals May & Might
At the Office
Basic Phone Calls
Asking for Permission
Lesson 47

Revision of All Prepositions
Describing a Place
Working Abroad
Lesson 48

What Is Somebody like, What Does
Somebody Like
Talking About Likes and Dislikes
Giving Opinions
Lesson 49

Conjunctions – And, But, So, Because
Job Interview
Lesson 50

The Imperative
The Police
In Town
Lesson 51


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